In Indorama Ventures Lifestyle Italy we take special care when it comes to ecological conservation and working environment.

The environmental management system adopted in the Sandigliano site complies with UNI EN ISO 14001 regulations.

Our focus is on:

  • Cutting down energy consumption.

  • Preserving the surrounding environment and the natural resources affected by the presence of our sites and their activities.

  • Safety of our employees and of the environment, setting strict regulations on both procedures and materials used.

  • Use of recyclable materials with an active collaboration in refuse collecting and recycling operations.

  • Compliance with Oeko-Tex standards.


ISO 14001

OEKO-TEX Recycled Class 1 Annex 6

OEKO-TEX Recycled Class 2 Annex 6

OEKO-TEX Vergin Class 1 Annex 6

OEKO-TEX Vergin Class 2 Annex 6