Dope and package dyed polyester threads and yarns to choose from our extensive colour charts or to match customers’ specific needs:

  • TXT - twisted and intermingled textured yarns, available in a wide range of counts and unlimited customization options.

  • TWIP - coloured yarns with high elasticity, particularly suitable for performance fabrics.

  • AIRLAN – available in a wide range of counts, made from different polymeric bases, for high tech performance fabrics.

  • KROTON - fancy yarns for fabrics with mélange effects in contrast or tone on tone.

  • ZERBION STAR - Super bright dope dyed flat polyester yarn.

  • GUARDyarn – continuous polyester yarns with bacteriostatic and flame retardant properties.

  • MADREPERLA - Iridescent Yarns

  • SENS – soft and resilient.

  • NEWLIFE – A premium yarn