Indorama Ventures Lifestyle Italy, European leader in the production of coloured polyester threads and yarns, was born in 1968 in Biella (Italy), a pleasant town located at the foot of the Alps, where the textile culture is deeply rooted in an ancient tradition.

Since then, in 50 years of development, Indorama Ventures Lifestyle Italy has built important partnerships with its clients, offering the most innovative solutions, investing in product research and giving collaboration and service the utmost attention.

In line quality control, the automation of processes and the flexibility of production systems represent some of our points of excellence and ensure the highest quality and production standards.

At present, Indorama Ventures Lifestyle Italy produces a vast range or products able to satisfy any requirement for fabrics for automotive, furnishing, clothing and technical end uses.

Since the year 2000, the company has started a major internationalization process, setting up production sites in Bulgaria, Brazil and China.

Overall Indorama Ventures Lifestyle Italy Group produces yarn in 1200 different varieties, employing 800 people and relying on a network of a strong team of professional sales representatives and commercial employees able to support over 1,200 customers in 70 different countries.