With a large number of colors, even more bright and solid than Zerbion Lux, is the new born in Sinterama: ZERBION STAR.
Super bright dope dyed flat yarn, designed to give a particular brightness and cromatic effect to fabrics for furnshing and apparel.

ZERBION STAR combines its super brightness to all the technical characteristics of polyester to produce fabrics able to achieve unique performances not only in the areas in which it has been studied, but also in the field of technical textiles, automotive and textile accessories.

The dope dyed colors, selected and studied following the trends of the market, are available in the basic count... ready to be processed by inserting a single ingredient: fantasy.
ZERBION STAR is available in the coounts 160/100 and 300/100.

And then... move to FANTASY... create your own. The versatility and flexibility of production allows to combine several counts and colors through the different available technologies to create custom items personalized in type, count and color and are all unique.