One single base: a super bright polymer able to give these products a new type of brilliance.
One technology: air texturing.
One company able to make unlimited colours: Sinterama.

MINIGLANCE: Ideal to give brightness and colour to the warps for upholstery fabrics, for the trendiest and most fashionable clothes or for the most sophisticated curtains.

GLANCE 730: Yarn with a mélange effect made by two colours, to create endless combinations for the weft, from the warm tones of gold to the coldest of the deeps of the sea.

GLANCE PLUS: A line of yarns with different mélange effects, made by mixing, depending on the count, from three to six different colours, for an unlimited explosion of colours and brilliance.

MAXIGLANCE: You can create your own yarn starting from GLANCE PLUS and we then provide you with a yarn with an even more fascinating mélange effect.