Polyester threads and yarns for high performance, durable and fast coloured fabrics. Available in a wide range of counts in the following typologies:
  • Flat yarns
  • Air textured yarns
  • Textured yarns
  • Staple yarns
Engineered and produced for a better performance as an answer to the needs of the home furnishing and décor industries, as curtains and covering materials.
Indorama Ventures Lifestyle Italy’s offer starts from the ordinary and basic threads and yarns:
  • TXT - versatile and endlessly customizable textured yarns.

  • AIRLAN - for rustic and natural looking durable fabrics.

  • VALTROMPIA - knop, slub, bacteriostatic cotton staple yarns.
To multifunctional products, both 100% polyester and blends with other fibres, with added features: resistance to fire and atmospheric agents, elasticity, UV ray protection, just to name a few. Beside the historical products already known in the market you will find the results of a constant effort by our research and development team, in particularly:
  • STOPFIRE - for fire resistant and flame retardant fabrics, complying with all safety regulations.

  • ELASTIL - for comfortably stretching fabrics.

  • SOFF / MUCRON – multifilament and microfilament yarns for soft feel fabrics with a suede-like finish.

  • SOLEIL 1000 / SOLEIL 1000 Stopfire - designed for outdoor furnishing, extremely resistant, able to attract less dust than traditional threads.

  • GUARDyarn – yarns with bacteriostatic and flame retardant properties.

  • ONIX - Natural look and soft touch.

  • MADREPERLA - Iridescent Yarns.

  • SOLEIL EASY -Coloured outdoor yarns.

  • SENS – Soft and resilient.

  • DRYCOT - Cotton Touch.

  • MULTI - Coloured soff multi yarns.

With intrinsic chromatic effects:
  • KROTON – yarns with bicolor effects in contrast or tone on tone.

With brightness effects:
  • ZERBION / ZERBION STAR - dope or package dyed yarns specifically for light reflective fabrics.

Monochrome or mix coloured to obtain effective mélange effects:
  • GLANCE – super bright yarns with endless combinations of counts and colours.

  • TEXLUX – for two tone extremely colourful fabrics, with an iridescent effect.

  • GHOST – fluorescent yarns with a “glow in the dark” effect.

For end uses requiring a high reliability performance and a natural look:
  • MATKO’ - with the appearance of cotton, but with the properties typical of polyester yarns.

  • COUNTRY - able to create any mélange effect.

In support of the environment and the philosophy of sustainability, Indorama Ventures Lifestyle Italy is glad to also be able to offer eco friendly solutions: