The precious combinations obtained through the use of twisted yarn, crèpe, dyed yarn, elastic, smooth and silky, with natural features and touch, bright appearance or creative opacity, enable our partners to enhance their creativity. Indorama Ventures Lifestyle Italy’s offer starts from the basic yarns as follow:
  • TXT – wide range of textured threads for weaving and knitwea.

  • VALTROMPIA – for special effects on denim fabrics.

  • SOFF / MUCRON – and microfilament yarns for soft and delicate feel fabrics.

to the ones designed to provide a better comfort, suitable for under- and sportswear:
  • ELASTIL – for elastic fabrics, ideal for comfortable items of clothing that need to adapt to the body movement without constraining.

  • THERLON – light, insulating and perspiring fabrics.

  • SENS – soft and resilient.

to the more high tech products, with specific performances; with protection functions:
  • BACTERSHIELD – antibacterial properties, for warp or circular knitting machines.

  • STOPFIRE – as false twist or air textured continuous or non-continuous flat thread, with fire resistant properties.

  • GUARDyarn - bacteriostatic and flame retardant properties.

  • ONIX - Natural look and soft touch.

  • DRYCOT - Cotton Touch.

  • X-DRY - Moisture management.

with particular chromatic effects:
  • KROTON – bicolor or mélange effects in contrast or tone on tone.

  • TEXLUX – which give knitwear a very colourful two tone effect.

  • ZERBION - ZERBION STAR – fabrics requiring a special brightness.

  • GLANCE – made from a super bright polymer giving a new kind of brightness to the trendiest clothes.

  • GHOST - yarns ideal for items of clothing that require a “glow in the dark” effect.

  • MULTI - Coloured soff multi yarns

  • MADREPERLA - Iridescent Yarns

with a natural appearance:
  • MATKO’ - with UV ray protection properties, a soft feel and quick drying time, besides a cotton-like appearance.

  • COUNTRY – range of yarns with mélange effects and a natural look, in addition to all the plus points of polyester: excellent dimensional stability to washing, quick drying time, resistance to aging and staining.

in respect of the environment: