A wide range of polyester threads and yarns for countless end uses.

Ribbons and laces. Parallel, intermingled or twisted, dope or package dyed, flat or textured polyester yarns. Immediate availability and quick delivery are guaranteed for the most requested typologies, like:
  • TXT - parallel, intermingled or twisted, raw white or coloured yarns.

  • ZERBION - ZERBION STAR - fabrics requiring a special brightness.

  • GLANCE – air textured yarns made from a super bright polymer.

  • GHOST – fluorescent polyester yarns.

Embroidery. Special opaque or bright polyester yarns. Available as row white or package dyed.
  • TENCO 2 - special yarns for industrial embroidery.
Woven labels. Opaque, extra opaque or bright, raw, dope or package dyed, flat or textured polyester yarns for weft weaving, supplied on bicones or cones. Most frequently requested colours and counts always in stock.

Furthermore, Indorama Ventures Lifestyle Italy offers, for industrial applications, flat yarns produced with new and high speed technology and textured and taslanized threads in a wide range of products designed for the production of technical and performing fabrics.
  • TXT - row white and coloured, textured, continuous yarns.

  • AIRLAN - row white and coloured, air textured yarns, available in different counts.

  • ZERBION - bright, flat yarns.

  • GHOST – fluorescent polyester yarns.

  • GUARDyarn – with bacteriostatic and flame retardant properties.

  • STOPFIRE - ideal for fire resistant and flame retardant fabrics..

  • ONIX - Natural look and soft touch.

  • MADREPERLA - Iridescent Yarns

  • NEWLIFE – A premium yarn

  • NEWLIFE FR – Recycled flame retardant polyester yarn.